Scammers Target Stay Home Moms

Eric with his $50 Vindale check
Source: Flickr

Once the kids are back to school and mom has more time on their hands they may begin to consider ways to bring in extra cash. Spending time on the internet searching for work at home opportunities can often be rewarding, provided you understand that there are many scams being offered, many targeted for the stay at home parents looking to make money.

Working at home is an inviting concept and many opportunities exist that represent a legitimate means of finding work. Unfortunately, there are plenty more where the only ones who make money are those offering the opportunities themselves. Beware the headlines such as “Learn how to crack the code to internet riches”, and “I was a victim of 37 scams until I stumbled across this opportunity”.

When looking through offers for an internet business opportunity, you need to ask yourself some serious questions about the offer. Many will carry a similar theme indicating they have found a way to make bundles of cash online and want to share the secret. You need to ask yourself, why? Here is a perfect stranger, willing to share with you the secret they use to make millions of dollars online. Of course this secret is not going to be free. Sometimes the offer are available for a limited time price of just $29.90 against its actual price of $79.90 and you will get a complete package on information how you can make your money. Sales letters can be very convincing that really get you into the excitement to buy.

Why aren’t they sharing this information with their family and close friends so they can have an entire family of wealthy relatives? Why are they offering this opportunity to strangers? Possibly because their families and friends are suckered into their last get-rich-quick scheme.

The fact is there is no easy way to be rich. You have to work it. To a lesser extend there are various kinds of e-books on the internet that claim can help you propel your struggling internet home business to greater success. Often beginners in the internet business are their easy target. Without proper knowledge of internet stuff and the desire to make money, beginners can easily fall prey to their pitch to buy their product.

One of the most prolific scams online is signing up to be a secret shopper. There are many companies that do use secret shoppers to visit stores and restaurants and turn in a review to the company informing them how a particular unit is performing. To claim this company can hook you up with many companies where you can get paid up to $40 an hour doing things you love to do and keep everything you bought, is nothing more than a scam.

Yes, these companies have the names and addresses of the companies that use secret shoppers and that is what you will be buying. Once you send in your payment, which varies from $19.95 to $39.95, you will recieve a list of companies that use secret shoppers and instructions on how to fill out their online application. If the company is looking for more shoppers they might contact you for future interview. Most of these offers carry no guarantee that you will ever be chosen to be their secret shopper, let alone get paid $40 an hour for going to a restaurant.

It is good to be extra careful when you get offers that sound too good to be true. There may be a catch somewhere you might not know. Also remember sales letters are written by professional to get you to buy their products. It may help if you get the opinion of others before you make your purchase.

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