Creator Longevity: 4 Tips for Building a Lasting Content Career

In this article, we’ll cover some things that ensure content creators can build a lifelong career and practical advice for ensuring longevity.In Antler’s 2023 Creator Economy report, 24 percent of creators surveyed highlighted longevity as a major concern — and for good reason. Even though it’s common to come across creators who are making enough income to go full-time, it’s just as common for creators to fade into oblivion.YouTuber Matt Koval puts the average creator career span at five to seven years (and that’s for the really persistent ones). And it doesn’t help that it takes an average of 18.4 months for a content entrepreneur to support themselves (even longer for some). So what separates the masses from the really successful creators?In this article, we’ll cover some things that ensure creators can build a lifelong career out of content and practical advice for ensuring longevity.Building a protective runwayPart of what puts creators off going all-in on content is the fear of instability – and that’s completely valid. Not everyone has the six to 18 months it takes to start making enough income from content to support them.Here’s the thing; you don’t have to give up your income to be a successful creator. Many creators hold a job along with content creation. Eve Arnold of Part-Time Creator Club has built her platform around the idea that you can find a balance between growing as a creator even when you can’t give it all your focus. Eve’s tweetOne key insight Eve shares is simple but effective: “Constraints force productivity.” When you know you have limited time to create, you’re forced to put out what you have when you have it instead of overthinking.If you think going all-in is the best approach, prioritize building a financial runway to support you in the months

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