From Zero to 30K YouTube Subscribers in Six Months, How This Creator Did It

In this interview, we dive into the strategies and techniques that YouTube creator, Paul O’Malley, used to rapidly grow his channel from zero to 30,000 subscribers.Paul O’Malley’s YouTube channel, which features quick tips to improve efficiency, skyrocketed to over 30,000 subscribers in just under six months. Those are impressive numbers! So how did Paul do it? We sat down with him to discuss his journey and discover the strategies and techniques he used to rapidly grow his audience. Get ready to take notes and learn from a YouTube success story!The transcript below has been edited for length and clarity.Did you consciously decide to start a YouTube Channel, or did it happen organically?Kind of a little bit of both. Over the last few years, I’ve had a lot of roles in tech, including Microsoft. I had people saying to me, “You’re really good at explaining this stuff in a way I can understand… Do you wanna create YouTube content? Maybe you should do these videos online?” And I used to always just kind of blow it off. And then recently, I was in a role where I was literally creating this sort of video content; short bite-sized clips. Just quick tips here and there. And so I thought, you know what? I’m sure other people could make use of this content as well. I decided to start putting a few of the videos up on YouTube, and some of them started to gain traction; people noticed the content I was creating and put it out on blast around the social media spheres. This drastically increased the reach that I could possibly have, and as a result, YouTube’s decided they wanna start paying me for it on, on occasion. So I may as well keep at it!Did you consider any other video

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