How to Fuel Social Media Content

How to Fuel Social Media Content with Your Existing Work (According to a Founder)

Josh Ho shares his advice for founders and entrepreneurs wanting to grow an online audience.For the latest installment of Creators Unlocked, we speak to Josh Ho, a SaaS founder and creator – the latter a term he doesn’t instinctually use, though it definitely applies.Josh earned his founder title with Referral Rock, a software company that eases the process of collecting referrals. But he also hosts two podcasts, writes a newsletter, and tweets to more than 17,000 followers on Twitter.💡To keep up with Josh, check out his website, LinkedIn, Twitter, podcasts (1 & 2), and subscribe to his newsletter.In our conversation, he shares great advice for entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to grow on social media with limited time and resources.Get used to the change in how you’re perceivedJosh will be the first one to tell you that he doesn’t necessarily see himself as a creator. “If someone initially labels me as a ‘creator’, I tend to be somewhat taken aback. It’s not my instinctive self-definition.” However, taking into account the amount of his creative output, from podcasts to newsletters and Twitter posts, the label is the perfect descriptor. “Despite my initial reservations, I do indeed embody the qualities of a creator, along with my entrepreneurial traits.”Josh’s hesitations to be labeled as a creator reminded me of Steph Smith’s insights about how she’s perceived in public – “I’ve built many things over the last couple of years, and you could say that those inputs have a level of intentionality. But I can’t always control the things that people latch on to.”While some people may immediately think “creator” when they think of Josh Ho, he’s more comfortable with his identity as an entrepreneur and founder. “Entrepreneurship came before content creation. I first identified as an entrepreneur and founder, and upon realizing

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