Look Out, Hoka. I Tried Nike’s New Walking-Jogging Shoe, and It’s a Pillowy Dream

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It’s the most comfortable multi-purpose shoe in my closet. Beauty lovers know that the most challenging part of traveling with just a carry-on is toting your skin-care arsenal. And while you can decant your moisturizer and conditioner into those teeny, TSA-friendly containers, it’s important to know that there’s one thing you should never, ever transfer: your sunscreen. That’s because the new container can cause the sunscreen to degrade, making it less effective, explains Michelle Wong, PhD, a cosmetic chemist in Sydney, Australia.

And since the point of SPF is to protect your skin, the last thing you want to do is compromise its efficacy—which, yes, can happen over the course of a quick weekend trip. For example, “a cosmetic scientist Ava Perkins tested some mineral sunscreens and found that it only took a few days for some of the samples to harden, so changes can happen quite quickly,” says Dr. Wong.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Dr Michelle Wong – Beauty Science (@labmuffinbeautyscience) Learn about the three different reasons why putting your sunscreen in a travel container is a big no-no, and browse a few travel-friendly (and Amazon Prime-eligible!) sunscreen options.

Why you should never decant your sunscreen 1. It can react with the container “Lots of ingredients in sunscreens are good solvents, so they can often react with plastics or soak into it,” says Dr. Wong. “This means what’s left in the sunscreen lotion will be different, and how it spreads on the skin will change. So you might not end up with the same level of protection as before.” 2. It doesn’t have as good of protection against sunlight and air “The container your sunscreen came in might be designed to protect the sunscreen from air and light, so the new container

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