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But hurry—these jeans are bound to sell out quick.One of my best friends and I have a thriving text thread where we talk constantly about the likes and dislikes of someone we both have in our lives. “Someone” isn’t really the right word. But “something” isn’t either. It’s Oura, the smart ring and its accompanying app, that delivers us daily and quarterly insights about our health and behavior—and has an almost personality-driven pull over our lives.

We say Oura “loves it” when either of us takes a nap. But Oura “gets mad” when we have more than one drink in an evening. These are all reflected in the different scores we get for “Readiness” (or how well rested we are and some other factors related to heart rate) and sleep. And this little device has actually impacted the way both of us live our lives. I started getting in bed earlier once I noticed that doing so improved my sleep score (something Well+Good’s commerce editor experienced, too).

My friend has cut way back on alcohol because she sees how detrimental it is to her readiness. She’s not alone. “The number one insight that we hear is the impact of alcohol,” Oura’s product manager and women’s heath lead Caroline Kryder tells Well+Good’s director of podcasts Taylor Camille in this week’s episode of the Well+Good podcast. “For a lot of people, what [the app insights] give them is sort of this new discovery of maybe the glass of wine that they were having, yes, it was helping them fall asleep, but the quality of their sleep was completely different. And that’s one of the major, major sleep experiments that we hear people undergo that changes their behavior.” There are multiple Reddit threads in the r/Oura subreddit where users discuss seeing the impact

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