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Act fast—it won’t last long. Do you ever feel like a product was made for you? Well, in the case of the new hybrid jogging-walking shoe Nike Motiva, it actually was made for me. Or, at least people like me. According to Nike, I’m totally average. Yes, yes, I’m a special snowflake of a human being. But when it comes to my running, I was surprised to learn that my pace actually falls right in the average of Nike Run Club’s female users, which is around a 13-minute mile—a pace that many would consider “slow.” I learned to run thanks to the Nike Run Club app, which has a series of beginner guided runs titled “First Run,” “Second Run,” “First Long Run,” and so on. The refrain of the first run is to go slow.

Like, a lot slower than you think you should be going. The app taught me that a run should ramp up over time, beginning slowly, coming to a cruising altitude, and ending with some speed. Which makes that 13-minute mile just about the average between my really slow beginner pace and my faster middle and end paces. So maybe it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Nike’s other running app users and I actually have a lot in common in terms of pace, because many of us learned to run using the same program designed to get beginners started.

But it was actually news to Nike, which, upon seeing this data about all us slow runners out there, decided to take a look at how those logged miles were going. It turns out that a lot of Nike’s users are running easy like me, and a lot of them are doing combination run-jog-walks. So, Nike decided to poll these app users to to find out how a shoe could support

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