Sustaining Online Success

Sustaining Online Success and Other Stories from Elisa Doucette’s 10+ Year Creative Journey

Sustaining Online Success – We take a peek behind the curtain at Elisa Doucette’s 10+ year journey as an online creator, from her beginnings as a writer and editor to her creative process that powers her newsletter and cohort-based courses. 🔓Creators UnlockedThis interview is part of a series called Creators Unlocked that delves into the world of content creators to uncover the stories behind their social media posts.From Twitter to TikTok, the articles aim to offer insights and learnings for aspiring and established creators while also offering a glimpse into the lives of those behind the screens. Check out the other interviews here.For Creators Unlocked, Elisa Doucette gives us a glimpse at the stories, processes, and lessons from her 10+ year journey as an online creator. She shares how she found her niche, catering to driven writers, and her approach to blending personal interests within her content.💡To follow Elisa, check out her website and Twitter, LinkedIn and subscribe to her newsletter.Elisa also gives us an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to run a successful creative business. Spoiler: it’s the invaluable team members at Craft Your Content, her editorial agency, who help bring her vision to life.Elisa, the writers’ writerIf Elisa Doucette is known for anything, it’s writing. That’s the focus of all her online content in all its formats, from the workshops and courses she runs to her newsletter. It’s also the focus of her agency, Craft Your Content. Her audience is mostly writers, and she describes them specifically as “driven writers who are passionate about writing and committed to pursuing it intensively.” This applies to every writer, from hobbyists to those seeking a career in writing.When asked about expanding outside writing, Elisa mentions that she’s tried other formats. “We used to have a podcast on Craft Your Content called “Writers’ Rough

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