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We’re calling it: these are the shoes of summer.The hustle-and-bustle nature of a modern lifestyle isn’t exactly conducive to optimal well-being. Experts agree that proper nutrition, plenty of exercise, and a dedicated amount of “me” time are essential for a happy, healthy life. Despite this, nearly 64 percent of Americans say they’re too busy to make their health a priority (yikes!). Actor, singer, and mental health advocate Alyson Stoner may have found one of the best ways to circumvent a common self-care time trap of hectic weekdays.

The 29-year-old professional dancer and Disney Channel alum shared her favorite wellness hacks as the keynote speaker of this year’s Chronicon event in New York City. Chronicon, which took place May 19, is an annual convention hosted by speaker and self-love guru Nitika Chopra that highlights and celebrates the shared experiences of those with chronic illnesses and disabilities through brand activations, panel discussions, and creative activities like live mural painting and complimentary manicures.

Nitika Chopra (left) and Alyson Stoner at Chronicon on May 19, 2023, in New York City. (Photo: Laurel Creative / The importance of daily “micro resets,” according to Alyson Stoner After addressing the audience at Chronicon, Stoner answered questions about her wellness journey and her digital wellness platform, Movement Genius. Co-founded by Stoner and her sister Correy O’Neal, the platform offers users an affordable, holistic way to improve their well-being by providing on-demand access to classes led by fitness instructors, psychologists, and meditative coaches. In her time working with the Movement Genius team, Stoner says she has learned a multitude of stress-relief hacks and a number of ways to incorporate movement into her busy schedule. One of those tricks is using transition moments in your day—like your daily commute or mid-afternoon break—to perform what she calls a “micro reset.”

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