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And here’s how to use them. The food hack you’re sure to use over and over again this summer is cleaning your grill with an onion. That’s right. As grilling season heats up, there’s an easier way to clean up post-barbecue that avoids the use of caustic grill cleaners and detergents. With just a freshly halved onion, you can break down char and stuck-on gunk in seconds, without all the scrubbing and brushing. All you need is a white onion and a grilling fork. Follow these step-by-step directions on how to clean your grill with an onion, and other general tips to care for your grill all summer long.

How to clean your grill with an onion 1. Never use water directly on cast iron grates Don’t use water directly on cast iron grill grates—it can cause them to rust, which will hinder the success of future BBQs. Instead, stick to the onion hack (more on that below) or use a cast-iron friendly natural grill cleaner. If you don’t have cast-iron grates, water is okay, particularly for end-of-season deep cleanings. To do this, remove the grates and soak them in a tub of soapy water (or with a water-vinegar solution).

You can also dip your grill brush in some water to help scrape away debris on the grates post-grill. 2. Use an onion to clean the grates After you’re done grilling, leave your grill on. Then, stick half of a white onion on the end of your grilling fork and scrub it face-down along the grates. The heat paired with the natural antibacterial properties of the onion will break down any stubborn char or sticky sauce. Remember: The grates should be hot, so use a fork or a pair of tongs to hold the onion (you don’t want to burn your

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