These New Supportive, Odor-Resistant Sandals Are Absolutely Worth All the Hype They’re Causing Right Now

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These sandals have nearly 16 million searches in TikTok alone.The season of sun damage—and the visible signs of skin aging that come with it—is upon us, and Molly Sims has come to the rescue. With the launch of her new line, YSE Beauty (pronounced wise), the actor and model has taken what she’s learned from the “emotional rollercoaster” she’s been on with her skin and bottled it up into arguably the chicest packaging we’ve seen to date.

After dealing with cystic acne in her 20s and 30s that paved the way for discoloration and textural issues (along with some pregnancy-related melasma) in her 40s, Sims tried dozens of products and treatments to even out her skin. Displeased with what was out there, she decided to create something of her own. “YSE encompasses all the key learnings and experiences that I have gone through with my own personal skin issues—with uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation—that, in turn, made me wiser when it came to skin care as a whole,” says Sims. “The education, the experts I have met, the amount of trial and error I have done through my own research…have led me through this journey.” Within the line, you’ll find potent (and dermatologist-beloved) brightening and discoloration-fighting ingredients like vitamin C, retinol, and niacinamide.

What sets the products apart, though, is that they’re clinically tested, easy to use, and meant for skin at any age. “Clinically proven skincare doesn’t have to be scary or unapproachable. You can have something that works and be beautiful,” says Sims. “No extra fluff—it’s just purely effective, which is the foundation of our entire brand.” After trying the entire six-product YSE Beauty line out for myself, I can confirm that the products are not only luxurious and effective, but they are incredibly easy to mix and

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